Advanced Electronics: Automotive Solid State Electronics Course

Saturday, November 11, 2023: 9:00am - 11:00am

This course is designed for the Electrical Student looking to advance their skills on the operation and testing of solid-state components. Often when a diagnosis is made, the price of the part can make a technician uneasy about their diagnosis. Many times, the wiring diagram or service information does not tell us what actually happens INSIDE a component or a control module. This class will show how through an understanding of solid state circuits we can help to make a "risk assessment", so if we want to try alternative tests other than to just replace a component, we will explore how to do it right, or blow it up..... One of the key concepts of the class is to learn how to simulate and trigger many electronic circuits so that you are sure that the part is bad before it is replaced to be sure the new part will finish the job! In order to simulate circuits, you need to understand the semi-conductors used to make them up. This course does both! As a bonus in the class, we will also design a frequency generator to simulate digital frequency based signals.

Written by MAACA