Art of Advising with DVI

Friday, November 10, 2023: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Our job titles as Service Advisors and Service Consultants are not euphemisms. These titles accurately describe our professional responsibility to our clients. Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) make it simple for us to own these titles. In this course, we’re aiming straight at the heart of professional service advising with vehicle inspections and the importance of maintaining accountability in your inspection process.

Attendees will learn communication strategies worthy of greater consistency and emerge equipped to leverage inspections in a way that ensures a win-win-win for their business, their staff, and their clients. While the focus will be on digital inspections, anyone looking to improve their conventional inspection process will benefit from this course. This is a great learning opportunity for the whole team as it provides insight into the full benefits of a well- implemented inspection process with any platform.

Topics Include:

  • Learning the why of the DVI
  • Learn the difference between a customer and a client
  • Preparing the presentation in collaboration with techs
  • When and how to send DVI's
  • How to ensure inspections are viewed
  • Leverage inspections in the approval call
  • Consulting for the next visit based on the results

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Written by MAACA