Variable Valve Timing Fundamentals & Diagnostic Process

Friday, November 10, 2023: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Using case studies of repaired vehicles and actual part cutaways this class demonstrates how VVT systems work, what kinds of problems they have, and what can cause these systems to set codes. The focus is a diagnostic routine that provides a flow of testing steps with technician checkpoints along the way.

Topics covered:

  • Types of VVT systems
  • Using scan data first
  • Correlation and performance codes
  • Finding problems without disassembly
  • Case studies for mechanical problems, control problems, oil problems, and electrical problems
  • Cheat sheets for successful scope setups
  • Testing phasers, actuators, and solenoids
  • What to do when codes return
  • Useful specifications
  • Flow of diagnostics chart that guides you to what to do next

Technicians need a trusted process they can rely on to uncover VVT problems and the routine highlighted will lead you to a successful conclusionf or Asian & Domestic vehicles.

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Written by MAACA